How to Mint a Resistance Pack NFT

Minting via TON wallet

How to get your TON wallet

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store page of the TON Wallet extension. Click ‘add to chrome’ and agree to ‘add extension’ in the Chrome pop-up. Then, just click on the TON icon in your list of extensions to launch it.
  2. If you already have a wallet, click ‘import existing wallet’ and enter your secret phrase. Also, what are you doing in this section, login to your wallet and move to the minting part ;)

How to mint after installing TON wallet

  1. Choose how many NFTs you want
  2. Click ‘mint’
  3. Congratulations! You’re a Resistance Pack NFT owner now.
  • The TON wallet extension is installed and on
  • You’re logged into the correct wallet, and there’s enough money on it
  • You’re not blocking your TON wallet extension in your Chrome extension settings

Minting without TON wallet

How it works

  1. On our minting page, click ‘continue without wallet’
  2. Choose how many NFTs you want
  3. You will see a window with the sum minting will cost, a QR code, and a TON address — this is our address
  4. Transfer the requested amount of TON
  5. Get the amount of NFTs you paid for sent back to the same address you sent us TON from



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Resistance Pack

Resistance Pack


Woof! We’re the Resistance Pack, 10 000 unique NFTs on TON using the power of NFT to create a DAO of the people