Mini Resistance Pack FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about the Resistance Pack and weren’t afraid to ask us

Resistance Pack
3 min readMay 9, 2022


1. Why do I need a Dog?

Dogs (and Cats) from the Resistance Pack are more than just pretty pics from Telegram’s ex illustrator Toha Neploho. Each NFT is an access pass to the Pack DAO that will manage all further project development.

Plus, TON keeps growing, and with Telegram integration it should skyrocket. And with it, NFTs on TON!

Why you don’t need to worry about scams or a rug-pull: The project’s authors are a fully de-anonymized team of pros with years of experience in IT and crypto, you can read more on the site. We can’t just drop out — each team lead already publicly signed their name to this project.

2. What’s the Resistance Pack DAO?

This is a fund under full control of Resistance Pack NFT holders. The fund’s initial capital is 30% of minting profits, plus additional income from investments and re-sale. The fund will invest these funds into tools and perspective TON/Telegram infrastructure projects, and Pack development, dividing profits between the fund and Dog Holders. In the end, you make all the decisions about where the fund invests 😉

Hang out with other holders in our Russian chat

3. What will the Pack do?

In addition to supporting TON infrastructure development and social programs, one of the fund’s key investment factors are TON and Telegram projects created for influencers. Our mission is to create a product equally valuable for ordinary holders and opinion makers! That’s why we’re in for big collabs, celebrity guests and exclusive parties. Hop in — the offer’s limited, there’s only 10 000 Dogs.

Check out our Litepaper here

4. How do I buy a Dog?

First, you’ll need some TON and a TON wallet. To buy Resistance Pack NFTs, you can use TonWallet or Tonkeeper (AppStore, GooglePlay). After creating a wallet, you can start buying Toncoin through the Telegram Crypto Bot, Wallet bot, inside Tonkeeper, or on exchanges supporting TON (check official TON sources for up to date information).

Now, you’re ready to buy a Dog! Go to the minting section on our site and pick one of the options: minting via connecting your wallet in the browser (available for Google Chrome on desktop), or via transferring TON to our address — in the second case, a random Dog is automatically sent to the address you paid from.

Full Dog minting guide

⚠️ Attention: Don’t use bots to pay for NFTs. To buy a ResistancePack NFT, you have to transfer funds from the bot to a TON wallet. To do that, copy the wallet address, click ‘withdraw’ in the bot and follow the instructions. If you pay for minting through a bot, your Dog will go to the bot’s address and you won’t be able to get it back!

5. How do I know how good my Dog is?

First, all our Dogs are very good. Second, each Dog has two numbers: NFT number in the collection and Rarity Rank, or rarity. Rarity is defined by the rarity of elements in the NFT, and it’s a key price forming factor on the secondary market. To find out what your Dog’s rarity rank is, just go to My Pack on our site, enter your wallet number and check out the rarity number: the smaller the number, the better the rank!

6. Where do I go if I still have questions?

If you still have questions — check out the site or the project chat, where our friendly Pack will be happy to answer all your questions.

And, of course, follow us on social media!


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Resistance Pack

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